The volunteers who become involved in the Miss Maryland Organization at the local and state level are just like you. They come from all walks of life, every generation and represent all professions and academic disciplines.

Those who become volunteers tend to stay involved because they’re making a difference and having a great time along the way. The Miss Maryland Organization offers volunteers a unique opportunity to integrate their diverse backgrounds and interests to make valuable contributions to their communities, empower young women, form lifelong friendships, further their own business objectives and dabble in the glitz and glamour of show business.

Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to: Awards Committee Members, Merchandise Representatives, Back Stage Assistants, New Locals Development Committee Members, Publicity Committee, Production Specialists, Program Book Committee Members, Community Relations Liaison, Registration & Recruitment Specialists, Scholarship Committee Members, Development Specialists, Security Experts, Food Service Supervisors, Special Events Committee Members, Local Directors, Hospitality Specialists, Ticket Takers, Judges, Transportation Experts, Traveling Companions, Logistics Team Members, Wardrobe Consultants, Marketing Specialists, And many, many more!!

If you have time, talent, a service or a venue to contribute, we have a place – and a need – for you. Whether you direct a local Miss Maryland program, participate in a basket bingo or reach out to other community service organizations and educators to secure briefings and platform related appearances for your titleholder, you will be making a positive difference in your community and in young women’s lives.

Did you Know?
In an average year, local and state Miss America programs dedicate more than 500,000 hours to over 9,000 community service projects, raising millions of dollars annually for community based charitable organizations.

Volunteers raise scholarship funds that enable thousands of young women each year to achieve their educational and career goals.

Volunteers create opportunities for a young woman’s choices to be heard across the nation on important social issues.

Volunteers help young women gain the personal and professional skills they need to succeed in life.