A great way to give back!!

Volunteering with the Miss Maryland Scholarship Program is an opportunity for you to serve with a group of like-minded individuals, working towards the goal of making educational dreams come true for the young ladies of our state.

Being that our program is run entirely by volunteers, we would not have the success we have if it were not for the volunteers, the heartbeat of our program, people like you that see the importance in giving back.

Our organization is always looking for individuals that have the time and talents to encourage, mentor and inspire our candidates. There are many areas that our volunteers serve an important role. Our local competitions often have numerous opportunities which would allow you to serve in your immediate area.

Our state organization has the need to volunteers to serve in many areas.

Some examples of areas to Volunteer.

  • Local Director
  • Candidate Recruitment,
  • Sponsor / Donor Procurement,
  • Production Assistants
  • Field Director (state organization),
  • Assisting the day of a competition, it takes a lot of people to host a competition.

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