Are you thinking of signing up for a local Miss America Competition? (The answer should be yes ☺️)

Miss Maryland Lydia Sohn has some tips to prepare you and help you get ready for success!

Your first phase of competition will be private interview. It’s one of the larger portions of your overall score and often can seem the most intimidating. However, it can be quite fun! You spend 10 minutes with the panelists discussing your resume items, social impact, and unique qualities! This is your time to convey what makes you qualified and ready for the job!
Let’s take a look the last phase of onstage competition: talent!

You have 90 seconds to showcase a talent, whether it be an instrument, vocal performance, science demonstration, or spoken word. Talent has always been my favorite portion of competition, both as a candidate and an audience member! It’s so much fun seeing the hard work pay off and celebrating everyone’s unique gifts!
Let’s take a look at the first phase of onstage competition: on stage question and social impact pitch!

This is your time to continue your private interview on stage. The audience gets a glimpse into your private interview discussion, and the judges get to further evaluate your passions, purpose, and poise. You then deliver an elevator pitch about your social impact initiative!
Let’s take a look at another phase of onstage competition: red carpet!

This is your time to shine! Panelists are looking at your confidence and poise. You can wear what you feel is red carpet appropriate!